Terms and Conditions

UK Ancestral Research Services is a genealogy/family history research company. We only undertake research in the UK. Orders are taken from customers around the World provided their ancestors are from the UK.

1. Enquiries
When we receive an enquiry, we will trace as much information as possible to allow us to determine whether we are able to successfully provide further research services.
This initial Assessment is free of charge.

If we are unable to help, we will inform the customer as soon as possible.If we are successful in our initial research, we will inform the customer and request a deposit of £150. No further research can be carried out until the deposit is paid.

2. Research
Once a deposit is received, we will carry out the research on all lines of the root subject’s ancestry as far as records allow. We will provide occasional updates on the research.

3. Balance of Payment and Delivery
On completion of the research, a Family History Album will be supplied along with any certificates ordered.

Once the balance of payment is received, the package will be posted by recorded delivery to the agreed address. We will contact the customer, usually by email, when the package is ready for dispatch.

4. Errors
All information is provided in good faith and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.
It is possible that errors may occur in our work. Our policy is to correct any errors on our part free of charge.

If errors stem from information provided by the customer, we will correct the error for a small fee.

5. Terminating the Research Contract
If the customer wishes to terminate the research contract before completion UK Ancestral will determine the charge for work already carried out at the rate of £15 p/h. All research remains the property of UK Ancestral until full and final payment is made. No information will be supplied until payment is made in full.

6. Refund of Payments Made
The deposit is refundable, less any expenses, if due to any unforeseen circumstances the research cannot be completed as initially thought. The final payment is made at the completion of the research and regarded as payment for our services. This payment is not refundable.

7. Website
All graphics and text on the website are copyright UK Ancestral Research Services and may not be used without written permission. Please contact us at mail@ukars.co.uk if you wish to link to our website.