Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Back can you go?

Civil Registration began in 1837. Some parish records exist as far back as the 1500's but realistically research from parish records will probably take your family tree back to the early 1700's. Progress will vary depending upon the survival, condition and availability of records.

What if you can't find my family?

The preliminary checks that we make should ensure that enough records exist to begin your project. If for any reason it is not possible to continue our research due to lack of information or availability of resources etc, we will inform you and the cost of your package will be reduced accordingly. In any event a minimum charge of £50 will be retained from your deposit to cover the cost of the research already undertaken.

How long does the research take?

Genealogical research is very time consuming and the Heirloom Package has proved to be extremely popular. Due to current demand the research can take several months to complete.

What are your Sources?

We have access to millions of records which are continually being increased and we use the latest computer and Internet research methods to compile a Family History Album for you.

What is the end product?

You will receive a detailed Family History report presented in a binder in the colour of your choice.

This contains:

  • An Ancestor Outline.
  • A Narrative Report broken down by generation.
  • A Family Group Sheet for every family in your tree.
  • A list of places associated with your ancestors.
  • A list of your ancestor’s occupations.

Also included with your package is a Flash Drive Memory Stick:

  • This is preloaded with your Family History in a Website style which also has an "At a glance" Pedigree Chart and a Family Chart which shows everyone in your tree.
  • It also has digital copies of the documents used to verify your ancestry, copies of your photos and a Gedcom file of your Family History”.

All certificates ordered are supplied in a separate folder.

Wall Charts are also available in Pedigree or Family format. Price is dependent on size which is determined by the number of people on the chart. We can only quote for charts when the research is completed.

How many Certificates will I get?

Occasionally the research will not require any. Often several are needed.

Certificates are only ordered if no other means of making progress with the research can be found.

Normally they will be birth or marriage certificates as death certificates are not very useful for research purposes although they are sometimes included.

If you want a specific certificate which is not actually required to further the research these can be ordered for you at cost price (£11.00 English/Welsh £12.95 Scottish). Note: Irish certificates can be difficult to acquire.

How much will this cost?

You pay a fixed price for your package of £595.00 not a penny more.
Includes free shipping within the UK.
Wall Charts are not part of the package and are charged separately due to variation in size.

How and when do I pay?

After a positive assessment is achieved we will ask you for a deposit before the research can continue. You have a choice of payment methods.
You can pay by debit or credit card via PayPal or Direct Transfer.
See ORDER NOW page for details.

On completion of the research we will send you a final invoice either by email or PayPal for the balance of payment.
On receipt of the final payment we will send your package by Post Office Special Delivery which will require a signature.

How do I order?

Either call us on 01733 270456 or complete the online Family Information form.

Fill in as much detail as you can as accurately as possible and submit it to us by clicking (desktop) or pressing (mobile/tablets) the "Submit button”.

We will then carry out a free assessment before requesting a deposit.