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  • 2 Family CD’s
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  • Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates
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  • 1841 – 1911 Census Records
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2 Family CD’s


Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates


1841 -1911 Census Records


Family History Research Heirloom Package
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  • Your Own Family History Website
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  • Digital Photo Enhancement
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  • Postage & Packaging
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Your Own Family History Website


Digital Photo Enhancement


Post and Packaging


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With our help you will discover the FACTS about your ancestors and we are not just talking about a few names and dates!

Your family history will be fully researched by us anywhere within the UK. This will include all direct ancestral lines of the root subject as far as possible, usually to around the early 1800’s, possibly further depending on available records. On several occasions we have researched back to the early 1600’s.

With our help you will discover the FACTS about your ancestors and we are not just talking about a few names and dates! You will find out what they, like you, had to do to keep a roof over their heads. You will find out where they lived, possibly even which house they lived in. You will discover who they met and married and the children they had together.

The research includes:

  • Your ancestors
  • Your ancestor’s siblings
  • Your ancestor’s spouses and their ancestors
  • Your ancestor’s children

What’s in the Heirloom Album?

The meaning and origin of the family surname.

Where possible we will research the meaning and origin of your surname as well as a Coat of Arms if applicable.

An ancestor outline.

A quick guide to your ancestry.

A generation by generation Narrative Report.

The computer generated narrative report relates your family’s history generation by generation. Your own photo’s can be included in the report.

A series of Family Group Sheets.

A Family Group Sheet for every family in your tree showing all the details we have discovered about the family members including: birth, marriage, death, census records 1841 to 1911, military records, criminal records and occupations. Your own photo’s can be included here as well.

A list of your ancestors Occupations.

The Occupations list shows what your ancestors did for a living. How they fed the family and kept a roof over their heads. What type of background will you come from? A Labourer or a Lawyer? A Sailor or a Shoemaker? A Cotton Weaver or a Country Gent? An Earl or an Executioner? (Yes we’ve even had a Hangman!)

A list of Places associated with your ancestors.

There is also a list of places associated with your ancestors. Often right down to the house number!

Heirloom documents

All this neatly presented in a hardback album in the colour of your choice.

The actual album is hard backed and holds up to 200 A4 pages. It has the look and feel of a professionally bound book with “Family History” in gold lettering on the front and spine. Pages can be added or removed without the need to punch holes as there are no ugly “D” rings. Albums are available in Red, Blue, Green or Black.

UKARS research your past and present your family tree and history in a hard back album

Copies of your favourite photo’s can be included at no extra charge.

Photo’s can be either colour or b/w. They can be of people, places or even documents (Restrictions apply – ask for details). Please do not to send the originals – just email a copy to us.


All copies of birth, marriage or death certificates acquired during our research are supplied in a separate folder. Other documents are provided free and filed on disc 2.

vintage photo of a soldier

What’s on the CD’s?

Both CD’s are printed with details which are appropriate to your family making them totally unique and are supplied in a metal case for added protection.

CD 1

Has a copy of your Family History album and includes a full, one page Pedigree Chart and a full page Family Tree Chart which is similar to our Full Family Wall Chart and shows everyone in your tree. The ideal way to view your family history on a laptop, PC or even on your TV!

CD 2

CD 2 contains copies of all the documents we used to verify your ancestry as well as copies of your photo’s and charts. Also included are your own Family History Website and a Gedcom File which you can upload to your favourite genealogy website such as or Genesreunited or to your own family history software.

Birth certificate
Family tree and history on CD

Pedigree and Family Wall Charts are also available.

Prices are dependent on size which is determined by the number of individuals on the chart which means we can only provide a quote on completion of the research.

Family tree pedigree wall charts

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We can now supply our Pedigree or Full Family Wall Charts on white synthetic canvas.

The advantages of canvas are:

  • High Quality Finish
  • Wipe clean surface
  • Will not tear
  • Easy to roll
  • Crease resistant
  • Acid free

All charts are supplied in a sturdy cardboard tube for storage. Paper charts are still available. Prices are dependant on size.

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